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Word Boss

Word Boss

Create as many words as you can in the 2 minutes using the 6 letter tiles provided.  Type the letters using your keyboard, and press 'Enter' to submit the word. If you make an error while typing, you can press 'Delete' to remove the letter.

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4 Comments to “Word Boss”

  1. beeznees | Profile

    I really like Word Boss – it’s a great game. The only drawback is when the time is up and the boxes are filled with the letters, it’s quite difficult to read. It needs better lighting or colour contrast. Not sure if anyone else has this problem (I hope I’m not on my own in saying this. Thanks.

  2. RK | Founder | Profile

    I see what you mean beezness; will pass this info along to programmer, thank you

  3. Chris Edwards | Profile

    This is fun, but wish they’d told me I don’t need to use ALL letters in each word at the beginning! Took me a few discouraging attempts b/f I realized I didn’t need to use them all! hah. good game. thanks.

  4. For those who like the word game we ve been playing | year6tommie | Guest

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