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Hidden Object-Find the Druid

hidden object puzzle card find druid

Not sure what the 1st part of the sentence says, but the last bit says ‘Can you find the Druid?’

14 Comments to “Hidden Object-Find the Druid”

  1. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    If I am not mistaken, it says:

    The Dolmans were, since the era of the Celts, altars over which the Druids officiated (performed their duties)… Find the Druid?

  2. joe | Profile

    on the left support of the stone, when viewed upside down you can see the head.

  3. engjs1960 | Profile

    His head is the left pillar of the standing stones, upsidedown.

  4. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Rotate the picture 90 degrees counter-clockwise and the druid’s face is right next to the tree trunk and branch

  5. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    “The Dolmans (stone slab or tomb) were, in the time of the Celts, the altars on which the Druids officiated (held ceremonies).”

    The Druid is, ironically, lying on the Dolman. His nose is formed by the bent limb of the tree, and a small branch forms his creases of his eyes. The rock slab itself serves as his hood.

    Now that’s what I call devouement!

  6. ktrego | Profile

    I believe he is upside down on the left leg of the dolman. He is facing inward with a frown.

  7. Falwan | Profile

    Hex @ Shawn are right about the druid, but there is another face upside down on the left leg of the Dolman.

    Hex’s & Shawn’s comments appeared to me immediatly!

  8. Obiwan | Profile

    I see the face Shawn sees, but also think there is an inverted face with beard in the left pillar. I also see 1-2 faces in the extreme upper right hand corner (among the leaves)–best seen by a 90 degree CCW rotation. Maybe the answer depends on what a Druid actually looked like!

  9. countrycottage | Profile

    In the stone on the left side.

  10. edward253 | Profile

    Up side down ,left Pillar .

  11. sabitmaulana | Profile

    yes right left pillar

  12. MOZZIEGEMA | Profile

    I see both stated above but I see another in the tree… Just where the slab of stone ends on the right slightly above I see a face and the cloak… Anyone see that?

  13. Spotter | Profile

    ahh hidden in the stone to the left quite and easy one

  14. Spotter | Profile

    ahh hidden in the stone to the left quite an easy one upisde down

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