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Word puzzle with a picture on an antique card

Have a few of these fun antique puzzle cards I’ll bring out and scan to the website from time to time:

The puzzle is basically asking: what two musical instruments are being shown? (this is not a ‘hidden object’ type puzzle)


14 Comments to “Word puzzle with a picture on an antique card”

  1. Scott | Guest

    umm possibly the ear DRUM. and i dunno electric guitar?

  2. RLP | Profile

    Hi Scott, DRUM is one ‘musical instrument’, the 2nd is a bit harder….

  3. nimrod | Guest

    i’m probably way off, but could it be that the brain is our ” musical instrument”, since anything we play begins as a thought, or signal from our brain to our hands or voice, or whatever it is that we use to produce music?…..that and the eardrum, i guess, since you can’t really “see” the eardrum in the drawing…….

  4. RK | Profile

    a good answer Nimrod; it makes sense

    I suspect, however, you’ll find the actual answer to the riddle a little more satisfying…

  5. Carl | Guest

    Well, I suppose you could say the just inside the front and upper sides of the pinna(outer ear) and a portion of the ear canal, in the diagram pictured(darker region), roughly resembles a saxophone??

  6. nimrod | Guest

    ok … is it that the eardrum is one, but as it vibrates, it in turn causes the three bones in the middle ear (hammer, anvil, stirrup) to vibrate as strings on a piano, or … some other kind of instrument?

    i know, i need to rephrase all of this…..but, you get what i’m trying to say, right?

  7. den | Guest

    the ear is a saxophone and the drum inside it.

  8. RLP | Profile


    little hint: the ear is an xxxxx, and the drum inside it

  9. arvin | Guest

    violin, in response to Dr. Kaplan’s hint

  10. arvin | Guest

    or cello

  11. Joe | Guest

    The ear is a sense organ with an eardrum inside it.

  12. Carl | Guest

    Organ with a drum inside

  13. biuoe | Profile

    earDRUM and the ORGAN

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