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Quiz: A Pi Party

A Pie Party


word quiz pi

Can you figure out the words below?

The clues should be answered by words all beginning with the sound of pi.

When you type in a correct answer, the 'answer box' will change to a blue color.

You have 7 minutes to finish this quiz.


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  • Pertaining to fireworks


  • A tube


  • A large snake


  • A fruit


  • A portico


  • One who prepares the way


  • A mineral


  • A typographic unit of measure


  • Reverence


  • Musical instrument


  • An outlaw, typically at home on a ship


  • A kind of spice or pickle


  • A measure of volume


  • A guide


  • Spotted or blotched, especially of black and white


  • A square column that projects from wall


  • objects laid on top of each other


  • Devout


  • A philosopher


Quiz: A Pi Party

For this 2nd quiz, can you figure out the words from the clues? All words should begin with the sound of pi.

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