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Find the complete sentence

canals letter puzzle

Can you make your way to all the letters and back to the starting point without going through any letter spot more than once?

Begin at the letter ‘T’, spell a complete sentence, using each letter once.

[may be easier for some of you to print the picture out]

7 Comments to “Find the complete sentence”

  1. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    I think the sentence is: THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY

  2. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    There is no possible way

  3. joe | Profile

    does it end with T?

  4. Hrkelley | Profile

    The answer is “THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY”

  5. joe | Profile

    The answer is “There is no possible way”

  6. Hendy | Profile

    “There is no possible way” … to solve this problem!! He he he!

  7. Jimmy Anders | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    “There is no possible way”

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