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Test Your Powers of Observation

There are 12 13 differences between the 2 photos. Can you spot them all?

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(puzzle created for the Smartkit site)

Anyone recognize which castle this is?

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  1. RK | Profile

    Hi Joe, the solution I have groups the mini-turret and wall extension as 1 difference’, but I agree with you, it should be counted as 2 changes.

    So all together, there are really a total of 13 ‘differences’.

    I’ll post them all shortly

  2. wren | Guest

    I’ve looked at your answer photo and I spotted a difference that you didn’t list. It’s somewhat difficult to describe. Look at the far right edge of the field of grass. There is something there maybe a shrub maybe a structure. In the top photo the is a white band circling this item. The white is missing from the bottom photo.

  3. RK | Profile

    your eyes are pretty sharp, Wren- I see what you mean!

    the imagemaster who made this is on vacation, I’ll tell him to have a look when he gets back

  4. Danielle | Guest

    Edinburgh Castle

  5. Poynter-Jones | Profile

    It’s Bamburgh Castle.
    Few miles down the road from where I live.

  6. SolarFlare | Profile

    It’s not Edinburgh Castle! It is very similar though – I live in Edinburgh and at first glance I thought it was this. However, there are differences and there is no side of the castle which has the type of environment shown in the pic.

    It looks like Bamburgh Castle, and this is next to a beach.

  7. zahidiub | Profile

    There is 13 difference

  8. zahidiub | Profile

    There is 13 differences

  9. Dodgeram19 | Profile

    This one was sort of hard, but I think I got them all. Some of them were so small it could easily be passed up. You really had to look very carefully on some of them. This was a very good observation picture quiz, I think!

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