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Hidden Object Card- 2 Artists

hidden object artist puzzle

The translation reads:  “Where are the two artists?”


17 Comments to “Hidden Object Card- 2 Artists”

  1. Falwan | Profile

    upsidedown in the paint board held by the artist in the middle!!

  2. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    1- A face on the colour palette
    2- A face on the left of the can

  3. joe | Profile

    The smaller of the two paintings we see (the square one) when viewed upside down shows two figures painting …

  4. cheddarmelt | Profile

    The portrait of the second artist (in a green dress) is immediately obvious if one turns the card upside-down.

  5. Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    To find the second artist, turn the artist’s pallet upside-down. You’ll see an image of what looks like a seated woman painting at an easel.

  6. Aphrodite7763 | Profile

    One of them is wearing a red cap and the other one a green one

  7. maxtcat | Profile

    One is the upside-down lady on the palette, the second is in the grass beside the left shoulder of the child with a red cap.

  8. gahalley | Profile

    One is on the palette and the other is in the grass between the painter and the boy with red cap.

  9. neutrondisciple | Profile

    I think the first artist is the one who is painting and the face of the second artist can be seen in between the first artist and the shoulder level of the boy with a red cap. >;)

  10. countrycottage | Profile

    one is in the painting the artist is painting, when you turn it upside down you can see her in a green dress.

  11. Anitaex | Profile

    The little girl.

  12. edward253 | Profile

    in the left hand of the painter up side down.

  13. sabitmaulana | Profile

    first artist is easy to find, beetwen painter and second boy, and the second artist is upside down.

  14. Spotter | Profile

    (1)on the board upside down you will find the woman in green and (1)to the left of the can you will find a boy with a red cap

  15. Spotter | Profile

    correction, between the to heads with the red caps

  16. Spotter | Profile

    1. upside down on the painting (smaller) 2. Between the painter and the boy looking at painting from aside

  17. gwensohana3 | Profile

    The first one is upside down, on the pallet. The second way is very faint, but in between the young boy, with the red cap and the painter

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