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Difficult Series Question- IQ test style

If the last series problem was too easy for you, here’s another to try.

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32 Comments to “Difficult Series Question- IQ test style”

  1. Janna | Guest

    This looks like it’s next:

    circle triangle
    c square
    + s

  2. Janna | Guest

    heehee, sorry, just being silly. I figure c comes next.

  3. J Tanedo | Guest

    it’s C, a symbol or letter will appear in two pictures in the same spot, so between the 6 pictures, a single symbol will only be found in 3 different places, C completes the missing pairs

  4. den | Guest

    C i just looked at where the S and C moved to they stayed for 2 phases and moved diagonally or back to starting point.

  5. Joe | Guest

    A B
    1 1
    2 2
    3 3
    For the second block A1, A3, and B2 from the previous block stay, the rest move clockwise.
    For the third block B1, B3, A2 stay, the rest move counterclockwise.
    For the fourth block, the same thing with the second block happens.
    For the fifth block, the same thing with the third block happens.
    For the final block, the same thing with the second block happens, so the answer is C.

  6. doug | Guest

    its gotta be ‘c’. all of the shapes fall into the same position twice in the sequence. not much harder than the last…..maybe easier

  7. Vishvas Vasuki | Guest

    The symbols must change position when they have occured twice successively. The symbols always shift two positions circularly forward when they change position.

    The answer is C, because of the following reasons:
    1. I expect a plus in the second row of the second column
    2. I expect a triangle in the third row of the first column
    3. I expect a ‘c’ in the first row of the first column
    4. I expect a square in the second row of the first column.

    -Vishvas Vasuki

  8. Orbitum | Guest

    The answer is C.

    Objects move two moves either clockwise or counterclockwise.

  9. Orbitum | Guest

    Having a delay of two counts in between the moves.

  10. Prairie Kittin | Guest

    Don’t ask me to explain it. :-)
    That’s just the answer that seemed the most logical to me.

  11. jason | Guest

    C. opposing rotating triangle formations

  12. Ilja | Guest

    I’m going with c, to explain why is not that easy but i’ll give it a go.

    Every figure (triangle, square, etc) stays at the same spot for two consecutive times. Of course it alternates so you don’t get 2 consecutive pictures in the serie which are the same. The +, triangle and the C follow the same pattern and the cirkel, square and s follow the same pattern, which is mirrored from the first. Further is the first pattern delayed by one frame from the second.

  13. Scott | Guest

    C. each thing follows the same pattern, stays in place twice, then moves diagonally to the other side and up one, then stays, then diagonal again, then stays, then down to the bottom on the same side. took me prolly 30 seconds to figure out.

  14. RK | Profile

    Well, this one was supposed to be harder.

    ‘C’ is the answer

    From the explanations given, looks like quite a few deduced the underlying pattern

    Joe’s comment pretty much mirrors the solution diagram I’m going to post shortly.

  15. Angelo Francisco B. Veloso | Guest

    The answer is c.

  16. Moderator | Profile

    Link to series puzzles answer

    (basically a graphic of what Joe describes)

  17. Seeing stars - Smartkit Brain Enhancement News | Guest

    […] Here’s an earlier, similar IQ puzzle-type question you can try. For something maybe a little more difficult, try this series problem, which will also force you to think clearly. […]

  18. Danie Grobbelaar | Profile

    It C, but there are many ways to see it, like if you look very closely you can see one side of the a block reflects and than swaps one symbol on top of reflected side with the other side in the middel, and then the next block do the same but now it reflects the other side, its just a nother way. But why do they put in something so easy if you can just see each follows the same pattern, stays in place twice? There must be a catch!

  19. zahidiub | Profile

    The answer is D.

  20. jhenhelhyn | Profile

    I think its D

  21. Mohit k | Profile

    the answer is option c

  22. IKnowEinstein | Profile

    I know the answer, but it took me some time to muster my logical thoughts and discover the answer which dislikes ends and has a Goldie Locks placement.

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