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Series Puzzle: What comes next?

Which figure continues the series below?

(puzzle created for the Smartkit site)

18 Comments to “Series Puzzle: What comes next?”

  1. jason | Guest

    d…three lines

  2. Scott | Guest

    Not sure of the pattern, but Ill go with D since every picture in the pattern only has 3 lines.

  3. doug | Guest

    i would say d. all of the figures have 3 lines.

  4. nimrod | Guest

    i don’t have much of a case, but i’d say it’s “d”…..cause they’re all made up of three lines, maybe?

  5. Scott | Guest

    lol, funny. everyone had the same answer and the exact same explanation.

  6. RLP | Profile

    d is correct, all have 3 lines. Too easy perhaps for you guys; guess I’m going to have to find something just a little bit harderSmiley

  7. Joe | Guest

    But what’s the reason for their orientation?

  8. Angelo Francisco B. Veloso | Guest

    d. All figures use only three lines

  9. Crazygirl | Guest

    A better puzzle: You have a group of two lines (the ones that are parallel to each other in box 1) that first rotate together at 180 degrees, then 90 degrees clockwise, then 45 degrees clockwise, and then 22.5 degrees clockwise in the last box. Then, the other line rotates 45 degress clockwise also, so that the missing box has all 3 lines parallel in their rotation.

  10. Prairie Kittin | Guest

    I run Linux on my computer. Did anyone else notice that the top figure spells “Unix”?

  11. john | Guest

    and b,c,d looks like… “lame”

  12. giftorater | Profile

    I choose A because it completes the word UNITY.

  13. zahidiub | Profile

    The answer is D.

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