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Find the Fault, Water Pot

spring water pot picture puzzle

Can you find the fault here?

Answers to be unmasked Thursday

19 Comments to “Find the Fault, Water Pot”

  1. Mashplum | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    The overflow guard is on the back instead of the front.

  2. Blusummers13 | Profile

    The part that half covers the lid is the wrong way. It should be on the side with the spout so it can hold the water in when you use the watering can.

  3. Falwan | Profile

    Water will pour from the bucket before reaching the nose …

    nose too long with sharp angle!!

  4. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    The half cover is on the wrong side.
    The pot has no shadow on the ground despite that there are shadows on the pot itself.

  5. joe | Profile

    The fault is on the top part of the can. As it is pictured the water would flow out from the top when tilted. It would need to be covered at the front part to hold the water in and only allow it to flow from the spout.

  6. TonyTKL | Profile

    The hood is on the wrong side. Should be on the side of the spout.

  7. Sebastian Roughley | Profile

    The ‘lip’ part is on the wrong way round – by pouring as one would normally, the water will be expelled from not only the spout, but also through the top opening. The lip on it should be above the spout, not the handle.

  8. ruddwd | Profile

    The “lid” needs to be no the side of the spout. Otherwise, when you pour to water the plants, it will come out from the top of the pot as well as the spout.

  9. ahsergio | Profile

    The protection at the top shoul be placed above the neck, otherwise the water will leack from the top

  10. brianu | Profile

    The half dome shaped thing on the rear or the top of the pot should be on the front (to keep water from spilling out when it is full)

  11. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    the cover should be on the spout-side, not the handle-side

  12. infinityaurora314 | Profile

    shouldn’t the water spout be higher up?

  13. shaks | Profile

    the cover bit is on the wrong side, there’s no way to prevent the water from flowing out that way

  14. Hendy | Profile

    Several of the existing comments are useful here, but one addition is that the spout should be lower (near the bottom) to maximize pouring and less tipping. That is an improvement not a fault.

    Also, I don’t understand the point of the string or extra lines going from the rim to the spout, unless this adds stability.

    Further, if a splash guard is drawn correctly on the spout side it would not have a visible opening, but if the can was turned around, the visible opening would have a shadow. It would not be light on the inside.

    Finally, two handles are not normally necessary–the rear handle would suffice–on a watering can unless it is exceptionally large. Then the extra handle might be helpful.

    Gee can you tell I are an en-guh-neer?

  15. Hendy | Profile

    Oh, and I would call it a can rather than a pot since it has apparent rivets.

  16. Hendy | Profile

    …and appears to have folds/rolls where metal is joined or smoothed at the lip.

  17. Hendy | Profile

    …and finally, why put it on the path? Somebody will trip on it. Probably me!

  18. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    RK, I had forgotten about this puzzle, and never spotted the unmasked answers in the recent comments as they are sorted by date.
    I therefore suggest that puzzles the answers of which will be revealed on a certain date have that date on a yellow stripe on the main page puzzle’s icon (like the red “new” stripe), and change it to “revealed” in green once the answers are unmasked.

  19. giridhar | Profile

    top is not closed

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