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Picture Puzzle: Find the hidden animal

Can you find the hidden animal?


Don’t look too hard, you may miss it… 

30 Comments to “Picture Puzzle: Find the hidden animal”

  1. Esteban | Guest

    A frog

  2. Scott | Guest


  3. LOVE420 | Guest

    Horse and frog, only 2 right?

  4. Javi | Guest

    A frog and a horse. I like these optical illusions.

  5. RK | Profile

    Baby Duck, Scott?!?

  6. Scott | Guest

    i tried posting it off photobucket, didnt work, said it was marked as spam and being sent to blog admin.

  7. RK | Profile

    Nice! Didn’t see that, Scott! 

  8. Scott | Guest

    cool. now where is the horse everyone is tlaking about?

  9. RK | Profile

    The horse’s neck and mane is basically the green thing the frog is sitting on, and the frog’s eyes are the horse’s nares. When you rotate the image counterclockwise, it becomes a little easier to see…

  10. LOVE420 | Guest

    This is really beginning to piss me off Scott, where’s the quack?? :)

  11. Scott | Guest

    copy paste that into ur bar, and compare it next to the regular picture.

  12. LOVE420 | Guest

    kinda reaching for that duck Scott LOL

  13. D_TURREY | Guest


  14. suineg | Guest

    i see the frog, the horse rotating the image, and a fish below the frog or a baby duck, well i see a fish with the face to the left of the image or a duck with the face is to the right of the image, the really cool one was the horse because is obvious but when you see it, and this is a wild idea, but in the upper right of the picture, you can see a condor in yellow or a baby therodactylus with black eyes

  15. RK | Profile

    Hi Suineg- I think the thing in the upper right that you believe may be a condor or baby therodactylus is actually Scott’s legendary Baby Duck!

    I’ll try to get him to revisit this post so maybe he can re-upload his image :)

  16. scott k | Guest

    already on it, doc.

  17. RK | Profile

    Much Thanks, Scott!

  18. Sanjay | Guest

    Didn’t have a clue about the duck, but now its so obvious!! looks like the frog is sitting on the duck’s back/neck part.

    woudn’t have see it myself though…good stuff! saw the horse initially…and then frog.

    Are there any other hidden animals, or is that the lot?

  19. Baby Duck! - Tangram puzzle - Play Online » Smartkit Puzzles and Brain Teasers | Guest

    […] others), each month we’ll try to put a new one up. Our first is in honor of Scott’s original Baby Duck : […]

  20. doominic1210 | Guest

    i saw frog (duh!), horse (sideways), fish (back half of frog equals fish face), and duck/coot/moorhen.

  21. DOOM | Guest

    I see frog (obvious) horse (sideways) duck ( body under frog, hed top right) rabbit (top right) and fish (frogs back)

  22. DOOM | Guest

    Oh yeah and snake/eel (in the water under frog)

  23. DOOM | Guest

    and a beetle ( top right in the straw)
    and a tapir ( frog upside down)
    search for

    Hidden animal picture
    my username is doominic1210

  24. DOOM | Guest

    yay i found 8 animals woot woot!

  25. RK | Profile

    can’t seem to find your video Doom, is it still up?

  26. DOOM | Guest

    ill reput it up hopefully itl work this time.

  27. Doom | Guest

    it definately is, RK

  28. RK | Profile

    Nice Video Doom.”Seek and Ye Shall Find” :)

    shoot me an email at, and I’ll reply to your other questions

  29. Tommy | Guest

    If you look long enough, you can pretty much see anything you want.
    I found an alligator with eyes and a big row of teeth that are not to hard to notice in the top left.

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