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Top 10 Online Jigsaw Puzzles to Give Your Brain a Break

Are you in need of a quick mental break to get your creative juices flowing?

Are you looking for a fun alternative to family game night?

Either way, online jigsaw puzzles can be fun, entertaining and mentally stimulating. The bonus: Perfect your puzzle skills and leave family and friends speechless.

Give your brain a break with these top 10 online jigsaw puzzles:

1. First Daily Jigsaw Puzzle
In late 2008, Smart-Kit decided to offer daily puzzles highlighting the work of some of today’s talented up-and-coming artists. Play Smart-Kit’s very first online jigsaw puzzle here.

cool art daily jigsaw puzzle

2. Drive Carefully!
You’re in the driver’s seat now. With this race-car themed jigsaw puzzle, you’ll feel as though you’re in the middle of Daytona 500.

car snow ice daily jigsaw puzzles

3.School of Athens
If you’re ready for a challenge, put together this detailed puzzle featuring School of Athens, one of the most famous paintings by Raphael, an Italian Renaissance artist.

school athens free jigsaw puzzles

4. A Big Drop
Did you know that a human being with arms and legs outstretched falls at a rate of 120 miles per hour? This cool skydiving photo puzzle isn’t for weak stomachs!

skydive daily jigsaw puzzles

5. Bali Rice Fields

The sloping volcanic soils of Bali are where you’ll find these amazing rice terraces that feature more than 3 miles of tunnel systems used for irrigation.

6. Pink Zebras?
Have the zebras in this puzzle been sipping too much Strawberry Quick? Or, are these cows painted to look like zebras? Find out by piecing together this photo from a Hindu festival in Nepal, “Play Pink Cows.”

pink zebra jigsaw puzzles

7. Lush Rainbow

rainbow lush jigsaw puzzle
At first glance you might think this exotic picture is a painting. But despite its fantasy appearance, all this exotic wilderness beauty can be found in Kauai, Hawaii.

8. Amsterdam Waterway
Not sure how clean the water is, but at least from this photo, Amsterdam looks to be a very scenic place!

9. Phobos
Try and piece together Phobos, one of two Martian moons thought to contain a substantial reservoir of ice.

mars moon ice jigsaw puzzle

10. Fire Breathers
This should not, of course, be tried at home (or school, or anywhere!). You should, however, try to piece the picture together.

fire breathers jigsaw puzzle

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