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Inside Smart-Kit!

As you can see, the new website is up :)

Lots of changes were made, taking into account all the different suggestions you’ve submitted. One very big part to the new site is still being polished up, and won’t be ready for couple more weeks. This new part will feature timed 8-15 question puzzles/quizzes where you’ll have a chance to submit your answers, and see how you score compared to others. Lots of statistics wrapped up  in this, should be real neat. At this point,  looking for a few folks who may be interested in helping author  some of these.  Topics can range from analogies to word puzzles to famous people to geography to just about anything you can think of. Text and Pictures will be enabled in quizes.  Email me at

So here are some of the improvements to the site:

  • Thumbnail grid now makes it much easier for you to see what’s been posted over the last 1-2 weeks
  • Easier to Sign-In
  • Much easier to ‘Search’ and find old favorites
  • You can rate puzzles and games according to ‘Difficulty’. The average will then be displayed after you vote.
  • Emoticons readily available to be inserted into comments
  • Totally revamped Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Game which enables thousands of different piece shape configurations to be presented, amongst many other cool things- Go check it out!
  • For now, less  ads
  • Recent Comments now appear on their own dedicated page
  • Several other upgrades

There are bound to be a few bugs, so please let me know if you encounter any.  And of course, feedback is always welcome! You can email me at or just ‘comment’ below, thanks.

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