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Where is that Pierrot?

Another cool Liebig Hidden Object Card-Can you find Pierrot?


15 Comments to “Where is that Pierrot?”

  1. Falwan | Profile

    head is that sailboat in the middle…

    body is i the white shadowy waves in the water…

  2. Sebastian Roughley | Profile

    His face is the middle little boy’s boat, and his body is the lighter pattern of water underneath it.

  3. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Pierrot’s head is under the boy’s hand, and his body’s outline is at the bottom of the picture… That is unless this is Gustave :D

  4. joe | Profile

    I would say he is under the water with his head poking out, the boat that the boy in red is playing with seems to be his head and you can see the whitish shape of his tunic under the water

  5. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    He is lying on the sand, under the water in the foreground of the picture; you can see the whitish outline of his torso, legs and arms. His head and hat is the “boat” that the boy in the red shirt is reaching toward. Pierrot’s hand is emerging from the water between the boy’s feet

  6. 10dulkar | Profile

    The Pierrot in actually ‘floating’ in the waves at the bottom of the picture. His right hand touches the jar/bottle to the left of the picture. His head is formed by the model sailboat held by the one wearing a red top.

  7. amboutwe | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    The boat in the middle looks like a head with the body under the water.

    There also appears to be a head in the water under the boy in the red shirt.

  8. engjs1960 | Profile

    Hi head is the boat, his body is in the waves on the water.

  9. Blusummers13 | Profile

    I think it’s in the reflection in the water near the bottom of the picture. It’s in between the girl in blue and the boy in red and the head is the ship that the boy in red is touching.

  10. Baseball_Fan | Profile

    He’s in the water!!! Poor Pierrot

  11. cheddarmelt | Profile

    toy boat.

  12. mysticalace8 | Profile

    How much of Pierrot is actually shown?

  13. joey3454 | Profile

    It looks like the outline of his body underwater with his head sticking out of the water next to the boy in the red shirt.

  14. akram khan | Profile

    at the middle ship

  15. sabitmaulana | Profile

    the head is the chilld’s boat, and the body is the sea wave.

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