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9 Differences in this Picture Puzzle

Can you spot them all?

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An original Smartkit picture brain puzzle)
spot the difference brain teaser puzzle

Feel free to enter your answers below, will unmask in a day or 2

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5 Comments to “9 Differences in this Picture Puzzle”

  1. Christine | Guest

    Here’s what I think the differences are:

    1. 2nd row from the bottom, 2nd kid, with the blue jumper – writing with left hand.
    2. Same kid – no glasses.
    3. Girl in beige jumper to the left not wearing glasses.
    4.Girl behind no.3 has glasses
    5. Girl on same row as no.4 has a pink shirt instead of blue.
    6. Blue & white stripey-shirted guy in the back has pink & white.
    7. Girl (beige jumper – near the back)) behind girl in pink disappears.
    8. Girl at the end of the row as no.7 also disappears.
    9. Girl to the left of no. 4 now has a dark green jumper instead of purple.

    I found the switching writing hands the last.

  2. Prairie Kittin | Guest

    That’s funny… I found the writing hands first! LOL!

  3. Angelo Francisco B. Veloso | Guest

    1. The girl wears a blue instead of a pink sweater.
    2.One girl is missing.
    3. The student is left-handed
    4. Left-handed guy had no glasses
    5. Girl with white sweater had no glasses
    6. Girl behind the one with a sweater had glasses
    7. Girl behind guy with aqua blue sweater is missing
    8. Girl wears green sweater instead of purple
    9. Guy at the back wears a blue-striped sweater

    Thanks for the puzzle. I’ll share this with my firends.

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