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New Strimko Game, Plus Free Set 12

The Grabarchuks, in conjunction with Braintronik, have just released a cool new Strimko game for the PC (mac coming soon). The game features a story adventure mode, where you must help Luana save her planet by collecting celestial Amulets and reassembling her magical Astrolabe. Progress is made by working your way through harder and harder Strimko challenges, with new variations  including PAVE and FIT puzzles.  The graphics are beautifully done, and there’s a neat 60 minute Zen soundtrack to keep you from getting too stressed on the harder puzzle levels. Actually, the game has an excellent two-level hint system that keeps things moving along at a nice pace. You can read more about it here (as well as download a Free trial version that lasts 45 minutes).

We also have a  free Strimko set 12 you can play for the month of February.


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