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Find the Fault: Not on the fence

Something is not right with this picture. Can you figure it out?

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33 Comments to “Find the Fault: Not on the fence”

  1. cheddarmelt | Profile

    Yeah. Garage doors open outward, not inward. How is the owner of this garage supposed to close the doors?

  2. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    The garage door should swing outwards

  3. smarty | Profile

    The garage door is being opened to the insisde. How will the owner be able to close the door on the car? :P

  4. Au Yi Teng | Profile

    How to play this game.

  5. bobg | Profile

    something about a poorly planned door hinge? it can’t close while the car is in the garage.

  6. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    garage doors that open inward make it very difficult to close them once the car has been parked inside

  7. sgrin | Profile

    Is the garage roof inside out …?
    Or the door can’t be closed when it is opened inwards….?

    Anyone of those….?

  8. Sally | Profile

    The garage door opens in instead of out.

  9. aaronlau | Profile

    How the shadow is cast.

  10. munna | Profile

    Car is blocking the garage doors from closing. They should have been opened outwards before taking the car in.

  11. Sebastian Roughley | Profile

    The garage door opens inward instead of outward – a flaw in the design, perhaps? This would not be very safe for the car, but I’ve no doubt people are doing this all the time!

  12. mocks | Profile

    The garage door should open out so it would be possible to close it after the car is in.

  13. rudeboi | Profile

    the car is in the garage but the doors can’t close.

  14. ruddwd | Profile

    The Garage door opens inward, i.e. not allowing it to close once the car is in there.

  15. RK | Founder | Profile

    Hi Au Yi Teng- click the link to the earlier Find the Fault Puzzles, then scroll down to the comments and you’ll get a better feel for how to solve these. Thanks!

  16. trunicated | Profile

    The garage door swings inwards to open, effectively causing the garage to stay open whenever a car is in it, defeating the purpose of having a garage.

  17. Blusummers13 | Profile

    The garage doors swing in and can’t close when there’s a car in the garage.

  18. Migrated | Profile

    On the door of the garage, there are panes of glass which is unusual for a garage door? Or maybe it’s just unusual to have glass windows on the garage altogether.

  19. dgb12 | Profile

    The garage door opens inside, therefore you cannot close it with a car inside.

  20. Oneiric | Profile

    The shadows don’t seem right. The car should project shadow on the door (which is odd for a garage, but it’s not a fault) and the garage should project a shadow on the house.

  21. SpinelessCoward | Profile

    The garage door opens backwards. How is the driver supposed to close it now?

  22. alderney | Profile

    the garage doors open inwards, if you wanted to park the car there and close the doors you wouldn’t be able to. Also there’s a pink bit where there shouldn’t be under the eaves and next to the drain pipe

  23. gpraghuram | Profile

    Usually in garages the doors will be opening outward and not inward as in this picture

  24. joe | Profile

    The door opens in and you cant close it when the car is inside

  25. ahsergio | Profile

    the garage doors wont close with a parked car

  26. moreIQ | Profile

    I think what’s wrong in this picture is the placement of the shadow? It does not look right.

  27. mimi112 | Profile

    The garage doors should open the other way, or else they can’t be closed or opened with the car inside.

  28. RK | Founder | Profile

    The main fault I have as the answer: garage doors should open the other way

  29. infinityaurora | Profile

    one side of the car is outside the garage and the other is inside

  30. vipul | Profile

    garage doors should be open outside wards not inside wards cause the car has blocked the way to close the door

  31. sallyg | Profile

    the garage door

  32. neutrondisciple | Profile

    The garage door, because it is pushed inward.

  33. nhellz david santias | Profile

    the window on the right side..

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