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Brain Teaser: The Get-Together

At a family get-together there was a: Son, Daugher, Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle, Niece, Nephew, and Cousin.  However, only 4 people were present.  How is this possible?

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  1. Blusummers13 | Profile

    A brother and his son/daughter meeting his sister and her daughter/son.
    The boy would be the son of one of the siblings, the nephew of the other, and the cousin of the girl. The girl would be the daughter of one of the siblings, the niece of the other, and also the cousin of the boy. The brother would be a father and an uncle. The sister would be a mother and an aunt.

  2. Mehmet Karatay | Profile

    The get together was of a Brother (with his Son or Daughter) and a Sister (with her Daughter or Son).


  3. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Because you said there was a, and not there only was, I think the answer could be this:
    father = uncle
    mother = aunt
    son = nephew =cousin
    daughter = niece

    Here the father and the mother are also brothers and the duaghter is also a cousin, cool man.

  4. joe | Profile

    Well a man turns up with his son to his sisters place who has a daughter. So you have a father, a mother, a son, a daughter. The father is also the uncle of the sisters daughter, who is the niece. Like wise the auntie and nephew (the son). The two children are cousins. And you only have 4 people…. (it doesnt say it but there is also then a brother and sister of course)

  5. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    It is possible that there were only 2 people at the family fun-fest, a man and a woman.

    The woman could be a mother, a daughter, an aunt and a niece (various relationships with various people).
    In a similar way, the man could be a father, a son, an uncle, and a nephew. Either the man or the woman (or both) could be cousins.

    If we are to assume that each of the 9 relationships are shared DIRECTLY between the 4 people present (not required by the problem) then we must decide that the mother and father are not husband and wife, but brother and sister, and that each has brought one child with them. Let’s say the mother brought her daughter, and the father brought his son.

    mother = aunt of son
    father = uncle of daughter
    son = nephew of mother
    daughter = niece of father
    son = cousin of daughter

    Then the father is the daughter’s uncle, and the mother is the son’s aunt, so the son must be the mother’s nephew

  6. cheddarmelt | Profile

    Brother and sister, each has a child. One has a son, the other a daughter.

  7. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    A divorced man has a son
    His divorced sister has a daughter

    The man’s son is a son.
    His sister’s daughter is a daughter
    His sister is a mother
    He is a father
    His sister is an aunt
    He is an uncle
    His sister’s daughter is his niece
    His sister’s daughter and his son are cousins

  8. markodiablo | Profile

    I don’t understand how there can only be one cousin cos surely to be a cousin you have to have a cousin so the cousin of the cousin would be another cousin! So two cousins!

  9. Migrated | Profile

    All these relationships are confusing me. >.<

  10. kasabubu | Profile

    It was a women with her daughter and her brother with his son.

  11. Oneiric | Profile

    A father with his son is the with a mother and her daughter.
    The mother and father are siblings, so they are aunt and uncle of their niece and nephew.

  12. SpinelessCoward | Profile

    A man has a son, his sister has a daughter. He is both a father and an uncle, while his sister is both a mother and an aunt. Their children are respectively son and nephew, and daughter and niece. They are cousins to each other.

  13. Tsopi | Profile

    This is easy,son is also nephew,Daughter-Niece,Mother-Aunt,Father-Uncle(It is logic cause you can be both parent both someone’s uncle or be your fathers son both yours uncles nephew)

  14. goofymushu | Profile

    A Man, his sister,his son and his sister’s daughter

    the man is the father and the uncle
    the sister is the mother and the aunt
    the son is the son, nephew and the cousin
    the sister’s daughter is the niece and daughter

  15. Mashplum | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    A man and boy who are Father and Son, and a woman and girl who are Mother and Daughter. If the man and woman are siblings, then the woman and boy are Aunt and Nephew, the man and girl are Uncle and Niece, and the boy and girl are Cousins.

    It could be possible with only two people. A man can be a Son, Father, Uncle, Nephew, and Cousin to others who are not present. Likewise a woman can be a Daughter, Mother, Aunt, Niece, and Cousin.

  16. conmon7896 | Profile

    I think I have a decent alternate response: Isn’t it possible that the aunt is pregnant with the niece, nephew, and cousin, while the mother is pregnant with the son and daughter? That would leave only the mother, father, uncle, and aunt.

  17. lollol | Profile

    The mother had a daughter, the father had a son, the daughter is the niece of the son’s father, the father is the uncle of the mother’s daughter. The son is the nephew of the mother and the mother is the aunt of the father’s son. the daughter and son are cousins.

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