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Matchstick Puzzle: turn the fish around

For this matchstick puzzle, move 3 matches to make the fish point towards the right:

matchstick puzzle: turn fish around

7 Comments to “Matchstick Puzzle: turn the fish around”

  1. Bob | Guest

    Move the bottom one to the top-right.

    Move the bottom of the rightmost two to the top-left.

    Move the one in the bottom-left corner to above the top-center.





  2. Adam | Guest

    Make upper fin lower tail
    Make upper tail lower fin
    Make upper face lower face

  3. Joe | Guest

    It’s not pretty, but here’s what I did in paint:

  4. David | Guest

    *is too lazy to open an image editing software*

    get the lower three sticks (lower tail, lower fin, and lower “lip”;) and put them on top (gap between upper fin and upper tail, connection of upper “lip” and upper fin, and end of upper fin)..

    gaah.. I hope that makes sense.. XDDD

  5. Ben Laidlaw | Guest

    move the top of the two furthest left to the very bottom right to create a diamond at the bottom
    Then move the very top matchstickto the very bottom left
    then move the top right matchstick to the very bottom to for the fin

  6. Frank | Guest

    The key seems to be to construct a new diamond shape out of the lower (or upper) incomplete diamond. Move the match that forms the upper left part of the left facing fish’s body to the lower right corner, completing the new diamond. Move the match that made the upper fin of the old fish to the bottom of the new diamond, oriented the same way, making a new lower fin. Finally, move the match that was the upper tail on the old fish (keeping its orientation) to the back of the new diamond, forming a new lower tail.

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