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The Final Goat Puzzle

We’ve had a couple of math oriented goat puzzles, and last week Bilbao capped them all with a final,  extraordinarily difficult  ‘Involuting Goat’.  I was initially hesitant when he sent it over, because it’s difficulty level was so high while also requiring advanced math techniques to solve. Nonetheless, I figured every once in awhile it’d be good to throw something like this up. And sure enough, a few have risen to the challenge:

  • Hex was the 1st to get Bilbao’s exact answer
  • Bobo the Bear followed suit, but may have had a little help from Wolfram : )
  • Shawn, Bizarette18, and James Turner have come up with answers that are very close to Bilbao’s exact.
  • And Suineg has detailed the equations needed to solve I think, but didn’t have the mathematical software to finalize.

Again, you won’t see problems like this too often, so congrats to those above.

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