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A Walk in the Park…


Our crazy cat is up to no good again! Check out A Walk in the Park

The Whoa Kitty! picture puzzle series so far:

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  1. joe | Profile

    1. Her earing /topof back post on bench
    2. Rip of paper on cats left arm/ rip of pink paper on tree
    3. His shirt pocket/ left sign on top of post
    4. Dogs collar with medal/ loop on the back of the bench together with knob of adjacent bendy small post
    5. The top of her dress / two ballons
    6. Dog lead / lining on trash can
    7. Spittle from the dog /spit from the man

    Not sure of the last one but really struggled to find something.

  2. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    RK, the links above are incorrect

  3. RK | Founder | Profile

    thanks Hex, will try to fix shortly

  4. RK | Founder | Profile

    Fixed! also linked to the actual post, so readers can see the answers when they’re ready

  5. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Easter egg: Mashplum

    Woman’s dress (cleavage) = balloons
    piece of map on cat paw = pink cloth on tree
    bench brown small rings = earrings
    bench brown large rings = dog leash medallion
    Guy’s shirt pocket = left direction signboard
    leash handle = light blue rim of garbage can
    lamp post pole = bench middle vertical rod

  6. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    all links seem to be fixed except the high resolution pic of this puzzle.

    Did Anybody notice?
    Maybe Someone did?

  7. Artman | Profile

    Constant lurker with a newly made account here…this is what I found:

    1. Woman’s dress/balloons…subtle ;)
    2. Dog’s collar/end of curved post on back of bench
    3. Woman’s earring/top of vertical post on bench
    4. Shred of paper in cat’s paw/shred of pink fabric in branch
    5. Dog’s leash/trash can lining
    6. Man’s breast pocket/left arrow on sign post
    7. Man’s collar/folded piece of paper under woman’s shoe and dog’s paw

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