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A lateral thinking puzzle you can print out

Thanks to Lloyd King for this unique lateral thinking puzzle that absolutely drove me crazy. To solve it, you’ll probably want to print the picture out.

[Lloyd is author of the Amazing “Aha!” Puzzles and Test your Creative Thinking]

In which city is this tower found?

Tower Brain Teaser

Copyright © 2004 Lloyd King

Feel free to enter your answer in the comments section, but for this one, I’m going to hold off on releasing posted responses for a couple days so as to not spoil the fun.

19 Comments to “A lateral thinking puzzle you can print out”

  1. Joe | Guest


  2. scott | Guest

    yea i dont wanna print it out so im just gonna go ahead and say its not a building its a cannon in a circus, and the man who was supposed to get shot out went way too far outta the tent, and hit THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!

  3. jason | Guest


  4. Ben Laidlaw | Guest


  5. el templario | Guest

    In Paris, you’ll find the Eiffel Tower. ;)

  6. David Garrett | Guest

    It’s located in Paris. It wasn’t all that hard, to be honest; I figured it out in about 30 seconds… not to be arrogant or anything…

  7. den | Guest

    haha i have no clue. my only guess is tilting the paper so you look down it? leaning tower. pisa, italy?

  8. RLP | Profile

    The puzzle creator grades it 2 out of 4 as far as level of difficulty. I just couldn’t see it initially, though.

    Was playing around with a book on anamorphic art last week, so thought the brain teaser was pretty cool.

  9. ned | Guest

    piza, italy , the base is different ferom the top.

  10. alex | Guest

    YYZ = toronto

  11. George | Guest

    Please someone tell me the correct answer WITH EXPLANATION!!

  12. RLP | Profile

    Paris is the correct answer. When you print the puzzle out, look at the paper from an angle- almost as if you are staring down over the illustration vertically. You will see the word ‘Eiffel’

  13. George | Guest

    AAH! See it now – thanks!!!!

  14. Some Random dude | Guest

    ???????????????????? I still don’t see the word “Eiffel”. Can someone do an EXTREAMELY detailed explanation.

  15. George | Guest

    Right – ignore all the thin horizontal lines.

    Now starting from the left, see a thin vertical with three big blobs? Can you see that makes an E? Now move to the next thin vertical – no blobs – no nothing. An I.

    Then the next thin vertical – two blobs makings an F. And so on till you reachthe lastthin vertical which has a blob low down – L.

    Once you see it, it looks obvious.

  16. some random dude | Guest

    Oh yer now i see it. Im an idiot i didnt see it before.

  17. Great brain teaser by Lloyd King - Smartkit Brain Enhancement News | Guest

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  18. kirsten | Guest

    b4 i printed it out i still thought it was the eiffel tower because it is filled with i’s

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