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Whoa Kitty! continues…


The series so far:

And you can try the 5th here!

If you can figure out the 7 object doubles, you can enter your answers into the comment section below. Will unmask around the time the 6th Whoa Kitty! picture goes up.

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  1. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Easter egg: MichaelC

    cat’s tail = rope
    D of Diners = protractor scale
    Camera on the wall = cab’s side view mirror
    Cat leach = chain on the guy’s side
    Lamp post light glass = lamp post bottom panel
    Lamp post bottom pole part = blue drawings box
    Guy’s upper teeth =? cat’s left eye???

  2. joe | Profile

    1. The lead on the cat and the chain round his waist
    2. The D on DINERS and the protractor
    3. The cat´s tail and the object bottom right of picture
    4. The side of the briefcase and the window
    5. The vans side mirror and the red light on the lamp-post
    6. The plate on the base of the lamp-post and the glass of the lamp
    7. His blue tube document holder and the column of the lamp-post

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