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Quick math puzzle

three 6's to make 7 brain teaser

Not too difficult for a Sunday night: Use three 6’s to make a 7.

15 Comments to “Quick math puzzle”

  1. scott | Guest

    lol…. what?

    ummm add the 3 6’s to get 18, subtract the 1 from the 8. yea im wrong. no idea.

  2. Geoff | Guest

    6 divided by six plus six = 7

  3. Amie | Profile

    I’m pretty sure it is: 6+(6/6) = 7

  4. scott | Guest

    lol. i had no idea what to do. not enough like guidelines.

  5. RK | Profile

    sorry about that, I probably could’ve made things a little clearer

  6. Ben Laidlaw | Guest


  7. damien | Guest


  8. scott | Guest

    666 is the number of the devil, and there are 7 layers of hell. solved.

  9. RK | Profile

    ^^seems like we have some wickedly smart people around here ; )


  10. bipin | Guest

    If I can arrange three sizes in a three dimensional space with two “6”s lined up one to one and the third one in perpendicular to one end of this, it creates a 7- when you look from far- i got this idea from the beautiful golden “6” given in the question!

  11. Lucia | Guest

    6+6+6 = 18, 8-1=7… that was my firt choice, But I like 6+(6/6) much better, is cleaner!

  12. jonni | Guest

    what everyone else said lol

  13. Savanah | Guest

    Wow to the 666 is the number of the devil and there are 7 layers of hell. Well I thought it had something to do with playing card like 3 sixes make a seven pair but thats wrong

  14. sophydra | Profile

    6 times three is 18. Subtract the 1 from the 8 and you have 7!

  15. JunzJeahnz | Profile


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