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Find the seven hearts picture puzzle

Recently corresponded with Jim Warren, who was not only kind enough to provide the official answer to his “Find the Seven Horses” puzzle posted about a month ago, but also to provide another great brain art picture challenge.

[Click here to go to “Seven Horses” puzzle, answer is in comments section]

This new puzzle is entitled, “Seven Hearts…”; can you find them?
seven hearts picture puzzle

Please feel free to post the heart locations below

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9 Comments to “Find the seven hearts picture puzzle”

  1. David | Guest

    The swans, the trees + some ground, the balloon, the one in the clouds, the white mountain cap, the body of water somewhere above the couple.. and I’m not sure about this last one, but the second to the largest rock..

  2. Prairie Kittin | Guest

  3. Prairie Kittin | Guest

    The solution I found is here:

  4. Random | Guest

    I found 8, actually. The large trees, the swans, the “I Love You” balloon, a heart in the clouds, a heart in the mountain tops, a heart in a small pond just above the couple, a heart-shaped rock, and a heart-shaped pond to the left of the couple.

  5. mr anomomous | Guest

    1)The swans,
    2)the trees + some ground
    3)the balloon
    4)one in the clouds
    5)the white mountain cap
    6)body of water somewhere above the couple
    7)at the top of the tree on the left hand side the fork and the leaves make up a heart.

  6. nibras | Guest

    i FOUND 8 OF THEM as Random did.

  7. XX-BabyBurgess-XX | Guest

    I found 11

  8. Lori | Guest

    I actually found 16……..

  9. sophydra | Profile

    pond, snow, swans, cloud, rock on the right, balloon, lake with trees, shadow in trees to left,

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