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Friday Items December 4th 2009


To conclude the week, lots of neat things below:

Answers to the 2nd and 3rd Whoa Kitty, division puzzle, and any insights to the character head emotion can be entered below in the comment section. Will unmask sometime next week. Have a great weekend :)

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  1. RK | Founder | Profile

    I should mention, with Whoa Kitty, tiled elements (floor panels, shower tiles, etc..) will never be used as ‘object doubles’.

  2. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Whoa Kitty 2:
    Cat stripes = Wolverine claws
    back chair piece = T-square fixing piece
    Guy’s hair = green grass on top of cassette player
    headphones = door knob
    Lamp arm = T-square arm
    Triangular ruler = design on blue basket
    Drawer handle = drawings red box cap

    Whoa Kitty 3:
    Telephone handset = shower nozzle
    Faucet knob = medicine bottle cap
    Soap = Falwan (lol) bottle
    Orange towel = yellow towel
    Belt buckle = cassette player front
    Brush = broom
    I am not sure about the 7th one. Could be the smilies or the pipe under the flushing tank = phone cord or the cat stripes = design of purple mat

  3. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Division Math puzzle 1:
    S = 0
    E = 1
    T = 6
    A = 5
    M = 2
    U = 3
    3125 / 25 = 125

    Division Math puzzle 2:
    S = 0
    E = 1
    T = 6
    A = 5
    M = 2
    U = 3
    O = 8
    3300 / 125 = 26 remainder 50

    I was able to solve each puzzle separately. Only then I noticed that the variables are the same for both puzzles!

  4. nattlebattle | Profile

    Whoa Kitty #2:
    1. Joint by head of lamp = Joint on contraption attached to desk (for holding paper down?) <– I’m hoping this one is a legitimate duplication :/
    2. Doorknob = Headphone
    3. Straight-edge ruler = Bin under desk
    4. Plant = Boy’s hair
    5. Back of chair = Base of the paper-holer-thingy
    6. Drawer handle = Molding on wall
    7. Wolverine’s claws = Cat’s stripes

    Whoa Kitty #3:
    1. Shower head = Hairdryer (kinda looks like telephone, or vacuum…;)
    2. Left faucet knob = Cap on bottle in cabinet
    3. Soap = Shampoo bottle in cabinet
    4. Towel over shower = Towel in hamper
    5. Brush = Broom
    6. Belt buckle = Front of radio
    7. Cat’s stripes = Toilet seat cover

    I really like these puzzles – very cute and enjoyable.

    As for the statue, my initial impression was “indignation” or even “stubbornness”, but I feel like there are so many possibilities. I’m going mostly on the furrowed brow and scrunched up nose, which could even imply contempt or disgust. I’m eager to see what everyone else thinks…

  5. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Have a good weekend, everybody!

    silence is extremely brittle.


    E*MA=MA, -> E=1
    A*MA=100+MA, -> MA=25
    this is enough to solve the rest

    all the letters had the same values as in Division#1!!
    I suppose this was intentional?

  6. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Messerschmidt’s is a sad story. I could picture this character head as representing the artist as he looked back on his life. “If I close my eyes and try really hard, the bad things will go away and everything will be back to normal.”

  7. Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Wow. Lotsa stuff in one item.

    The riddle answer is: “silence”

    The division answers are:
    3125/25 = 125; 3300/125 = 26 r 50

    For Whoa Kitty #2, the differences are:
    1) Wolverine claws / Cat stripes
    2) Base of arm of drafting tool / Back of chair
    3) Doorknob / Headphones
    4) Plant / Hair
    5) Drawer pull / Edge of molding strip
    6) Joint (near bulb) on lamp / Joint on arm of drafting tool
    7) Artist’s triangle / Pattern on wastebasket

    For Whoa Kitty #3, the differences are:
    1) Cap on jar on top shelf / Faucet knob
    2) Green bottle on lower shelf / Bar soap in shower
    3) Telephone receiver / Shower head
    4) Tower in hamper / Towel on shower door
    5) Pushbroom / Hairbrush
    6) Belt buckle / Cassette deck
    7) Cat stripes / Pattern on toilet seat

    I also enjoyed the puzzle box puzzle, look forward to seeing the tougher ones to come.

  8. andreii_1989 | Profile

    second Whoa Kitty picture
    1 guy’s hair – green plant(?) on the left of the desk
    2 stripes on cat – wolverine’s claws
    3 the smaller piece of the chair’s back-the piece that attaches the measuring instrument to the table
    4 door knob-headphones
    5 the 2nd round piece of lamp – the round piece of the measuring instrument on the table (in the middle of the arm)
    6 triangle on the table – blue triangle, part of the paper basket
    7 the double bars section on the lamp – same part of the measuring instrument’s arm

  9. andreii_1989 | Profile

    third Whoa Kitty picture
    1 soap – falman bottle in the cupboard
    2 orange cloth in the top-right – yellow cloth in the bottom left
    3 shower head – telephone in the clothes basket
    4 brush hairs – mop hairs
    5 tap handle – bottle cap on the top shelf
    6 stripes on cat – stripes on beige toilet cover
    7 orange piece on the belt buckle – blue part on the cassette player

  10. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    See falwan in the whoa 3 and there is like the same signature in whoa 2 and 3, wonder if it is Shawn?, cool congrats to the listed.

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