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Brain teaser: Hidden relationships, Shapes and Letters

Thanks to the International High IQ Society for providing this great brain teaser.

Can you determine the relationships between the figures and the words to find the solutions to the two unknowns?

brain teaser from high IQ society: shapes and letters

If you can figure it out, feel free to post it in the comments section below.

8 Comments to “Brain teaser: Hidden relationships, Shapes and Letters”

  1. Joe | Guest

    L = overlapping
    R = next to but not touching
    O = circle
    U = square
    F = 2
    X = 3


    3 overlapping circles and 3 not touching squares

  2. Scott | Guest

    ah Joe posted it before me. Yea I had the same code he has

  3. Kathy Z | Guest

    the first unknown is LUF.

    the second unkwnon is 3 overlapping circles and three squares (not overlapping)

  4. chris | Guest


  5. eilron | Guest

    i amaze me!!! i got it. same as you all.

  6. Adam | Guest

    I got the same answer as Kathy Z, is this right?

  7. RLP | Profile

    Kathy Z’s answer is correct

  8. johnniee | Guest

    LUF, Three ball diagonial & three sqare horizontal.

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