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Whoa Kitty! Series and more…


Over the next 8 weeks, we’ll be presenting the Whoa Kitty! 8 picture puzzles series. Each week, we’ll show 1 of the pictures.  Your goal is to find the 7 shapes that are used twice (object doubles). Each picture also pays a little tribute to some of our veteran superstars. We’ve also run a special high quality printing of the Whoa Kitty! series, so if you’d like to buy a pack of the 8 beautifully illustrated  cards and get all of  the puzzles shipped out to you now, you can do that hereAlso makes for a great gift. Otherwise, click to view a higher resolution picture of the 1st puzzle.

16 Comments to “Whoa Kitty! Series and more…”

  1. athamidreza | Profile

    I solve it!
    stand of chair=stand of desk light
    mp3 Player=necklace
    weight on desk=statue on bed
    watch near bed=camera’s LCD
    B & B on paper
    relax shoes=cap of rubbish bin

  2. Migrated | Profile

    I see the names of some of the most elite puzzle solvers and producers on the site! Suineg and Bilbao are in the pic. :D

  3. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    I found 2 Easter eggs:
    Bilbao’s and Suineg’s names are in the puzzle!!

  4. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    bed post
    MP3 player
    electronic gizmo next to the cellphone
    boy’s right sleeve
    back of the chair holder+stem

  5. Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    1) Bedpost knob / Paperweight
    2) Back of lamp / Back of desk chair
    3) Sunglasses on floor / Eyeglasses in artwork
    4) MP3 player / Pendant hanging on desk chair
    5) Cuff on sleeve / Binding on paper scroll
    6) Mirror(?) next to cell phone / Flashbulb
    7) Wastebasket lid / Slipper

    Already looking forward to the next one!

  6. virgolady85 | Profile

    I was only able to find 6 doubles so far. Here’s what I have found.

  7. Blusummers13 | Profile

    1. Slipper and top of garbage can/shredder
    2. Camera flash and bedside clock
    3. MP3 player and small camera hanging from chair
    4. Glasses on the floor and glasses in the drawing
    5. Neck of the lamp and back support of the chair
    6. Paperweight and bed knob
    7. Hole in the CD and knob on the drawer.

  8. LAT | Profile

    1.the slipper and the lid of the garbage can
    2.lamp and the chair back
    4.rolled papers
    5.the red object on back of chair and the music player
    6.paper weight and knob ob bed post flash and what i am assuming is the alarm clock

  9. joe | Profile

    OK I have
    1. The rims of the glasses on the floor and the drawn ones on his work on the desk.
    2. The bed knob and the “paper weight” on his desk.
    3. The smaller “camara” hanging on the chair and the end of the object hanging from his earpiece
    4. The support part of the back of the chair (joining the seat and the back) and the support piece of the lamp.
    5. The flash on the larger camara and the “alarm clock” on his bedside table
    6. The slipper and the top part of his “bag” on the floor.
    7. The cuff of his pyjama and the red piece (dont know what to call it) holding the scroll of paper together.

    Special guests Bilbao and Suineg

  10. Mashplum | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    bedpost – paperweight
    lamp – chair
    glasses – drawing
    sleeve cuff – document ribbon
    mp3 player – red gadget
    clock – flash
    trash can – slipper

  11. Oneiric | Profile

    Yay, found them all!

    Only mentioned 1 of them so people can still look out for the other twin.

    mp3 player
    lamp’s neck
    crystal ball (if it is one)
    clock’s glass
    sleeve’s end

  12. Oneiric | Profile

    I almost forgot: Great game. Neat image!

  13. nattlebattle | Profile

    1) Knob on bedpost = Paperweight(?) on desk
    2) Slipper = Top of trash can
    3) MP3 player = Necklace on chair
    4) Neck of the lamp = Back of chair
    5) Mirror on desk = Flashbulb on camera
    6) Glasses on floor = Glasses in drawing
    7) Boy’s right sleeve cuff = Red band on scroll

  14. andreii_1989 | Profile

    1. the shoe at the bottom of the bed and the trash bin on the right of the bed
    2. the glasses on the left of the bed, and the glasses in the drawing on the desk, on the right
    3. the round blue paperweight on the desk and the round piece that’s part of the headboard
    4. the square mp3 player he’s listening to and the red square thing dandling off of the chair
    5. the lamp and the back of the chair have another duplicate shape
    6. the clock on the nightstand next to the bed and the flash of the camera, on the right side of the picture
    7. the red fabric, or elastic, that holds the scroll in the bottom right corner, and his right hand’s sleeve

  15. RK | Founder | Profile

    very good! throughout the series, some object doubles will bee easy to spot, but a few in each illustration are going to be tough! here are the official answers:

    and a shout out to Bilbao & Suineg :)

  16. foggy brain | Profile

    the “z’s”?
    the dresser drawers?
    the slippers, (also what looks like a trash can is a blue slipper),
    the sunglasses? (on floor left side – picture),
    the angles/rulers on the image?,
    the screws on the chair,
    the reflection of the camera flasher and alarm clock,
    the bedpost tips (bed post – blue thing in picture),
    wrinkles on the bottom part of the blanket?,
    black piece holding the chair up – black piece on lamp of right side,
    red thing on the chair could be a recolored/reversed part of the book bag. didnt see anything else

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