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Good visual brain teaser: A cartoon word riddle

Here’s a cartoon word riddle that’s a little different from some of the other logic-heavy brain teasers I’ve posted:

visual brain teaser with cartoon word riddle

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6 Comments to “Good visual brain teaser: A cartoon word riddle”

  1. johnkalel | Guest

    “In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” Erasmus, (1466-1536)

  2. david | Guest

    oh wow john. nice freaking work.

  3. Karl | Guest

    Seriously, that’s pretty impressive :)

    Cool riddle format.

  4. Hortensia | Guest

    It is wonderful! It is also practical to be use in Spanis speacking seminars because just the art design says it all!


  5. pourreza | Profile

    UN United Nation
    U United State
    T Tabat dalaei lama
    R Russia
    O ?

  6. Aditya Agarwal | Profile

    “A squint in many blinds.”
    “Andhon mein kaana raaja .”

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