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French Hidden Object Card


UPDATE: Thanks to Oneiric, we have a translation!!

-We call this place the Rooster’s rocks: for me, I see nothing that justifies this qualification.

-Me neither, but I come and we will search together.

I still have a bunch of these antique French picture cards left. Some are easy, while others are very hard. If anyone feels confident about the French Translation,  enter it into the ‘comment’ section below and I’ll post up here asap. Thanks! [click picture above to see in higher resolution]

19 Comments to “French Hidden Object Card”

  1. Falwan | Profile

    french rooster upside down.

  2. Oneiric | Profile

    The translation goes like this:

    -We call this place the Rooster’s rocks: for me, I see nothing that justifies this qualification.
    -Me neither, but I come and we will search together.

    For the thousand times I’ve complained about speaking French, I can make myself useful. ;)

  3. Oneiric | Profile

    In a separate thread, I’d like to say the puzzle is quite easy. You can see a rooster upside down (Head to the bottom right)

  4. RK | Founder | Profile

    Big Thanks Oneiric!!

  5. Falwan | Profile

    The translation – somtime – provides the solution !!

  6. Falwan | Profile

    The translation – somtimes – provides the solution !!

  7. amboutwe | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Turn the picture over and the empty space appears to be a rooster.

  8. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    The rooster is hanging upside down with its tail to the extreme left side.

    Nice to note that this antique card carries smart-kit’s website address 8)

  9. joe | Profile

    Turning the picture 180 degrees there is a clear rooster formed by the whiter area.
    (as an added bonus when viewed normally, the rock formation on the right looks like a face looking left, and the top left as some sort of hooded figure, very clever)

  10. Denita TwoDragons | Profile

    Flip the card and get the bird! :-D

  11. Sally | Profile

    The rooster is upside down in the space between the rocks.

  12. Blusummers13 | Profile

    The rooster is upside down with its tail to the left and the head to the lower right. The cloud in the middle is a wing.

  13. Mr DeJerk | Profile

    Negative space upside-down.

  14. gpraghuram | Profile

    Turn it upside down and you will see the rooster.
    To the left of the man trying to climb,is the tail of the rooster.

  15. TonyTKL | Profile

    Well, the translation gives it away. There is an upside down rooster in the picture. :-)

  16. kxvinu | Profile

    Rotate image in 180 degree . the space between the rocks recembles a hen

  17. Chely | Profile

    Turning the picture upside down and it will show the rooster.

  18. mpspenguin | Profile

    I smacked my forhead when I realised where it was- once you know the answer it’s obvious. I can also see a rooster like claw at the belly of the rooster, though it looks to thin to be it’s leg.

  19. Spotter | Profile

    clouds signify the roosters body

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