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Picture Puzzle: Can you spot the differences?

This picture puzzle (recently made for the smartkit site) has 14 differences. Can you spot them all?

(Feel free to post your answers in the comments below)

Picture puzzle, can you spot the differences?

Click the image for a larger version.

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12 Comments to “Picture Puzzle: Can you spot the differences?”

  1. Thomas McMahon | Profile

    I found them all. Took me a bit, but I got them. :D

  2. RLP | Profile

    If you found all 14- which 3 were the hardest?

  3. Natalie | Guest

    I found them all, but it took me a while. The 3 hardest was the missing leg on the metal thing that’s on top of the table, the red flower on the plant, and the dark line that runs along a piece of wood.

  4. RLP | Profile

    The missing metal leg is difficult. Also thought the white light(?) embedded in the wood was pretty tough.

  5. Thomas McMahon | Profile

    Candle Stick Leg
    Line on celling.
    Leg support under white table.

    I think those were my three hardest.

  6. victor wells | Guest

    the thing that is different is that there is no bowl of food on the red table

  7. Brian M | Guest

    I only found 13 – I still can’t see any red flower as mentioned by Natalie but I am colour blind. Three hardest were the part of missing frame on the window to the right, the missing cushion on the two seater and the missing leg on the candlestick on the white table.

  8. Thomas | Guest

    Brian – It’s in the bay window on the left side.

  9. Brian M | Guest

    Thanks Thomas. I see the flower now.

  10. joyo036 | Profile

    2nd car in window is absent in 2nd picture
    bowl on table in 2nd pic, paper on first
    more glasses on the far red round table in first pic
    2 bottles on mantle on first pic, 3 on second
    red painted wine glass in the pic near wine bottles (absent in second)
    bottle on left side of pic in second pic, none in first
    in second picture there is no flower in the left vase
    one of the ceiling planks is different from the others in the first pic with some wierd white thing
    there are different number of legs on the round table
    the right candlestick is missing a leg on the second pic
    the horizontal support of the white table is missing in the second pic
    there is a black line on one of the ceiling planks in the second pic
    there is an extra pillow on the chair in the second picture
    and i dont know if this counts but the second pic is brighter, and the vertical pane on the right side window is missing

  11. Sparhax | Profile

    1) Some kind of White Spot on ceiling Board (Top Middle)
    2) Black line on a Ceiling Board (Top middle)
    3) Top Left corner of Mirror Frame has a darker dot
    4) Calkboard Picture is different
    5) Wine bottles near chalk board different count
    6) Shadow on the white cabinet
    7) Red Table (right) missing bowl of ice cream
    8) White Table Leg missing connector between left and right post
    9) Couch has 2 pillows
    10)Red Table (Left) missing a drink
    11)Red Table (Left) has an extra leg
    12) Wine Bottle missing on shelf (Left Middle)
    13) Left Plant in window missing flowers
    14) Car missing in Window

  12. Sparhax | Profile

    Wow I just red the other comments, apparently there are 16 differences!
    I missed the legs on the candle stick and the missing window support.

    But maybe the darker dot on the top left corner of the mirror frame and the different shadow on the cabinet didn’t count?

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