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From Gray-T, a new picture puzzle


In this new picture puzzle from Gray-T, Can you figure out the famous musician?

If you haven’t seen one of his puzzles before, you’ll have fun (and learn what to do) checking out: this movie one herethe rock star rebus, or Mannekin Pis

By the way congrats to Shawn, Shofnite, Ospitada, Amboutwe on Mashplum’s Word Beheading challenge. That was hard!

If you can figure out the answer to this, feel free to enter into the comment section below. Will unmask submissions by Wednesday or Thursday, thanks!

23 Comments to “From Gray-T, a new picture puzzle”

  1. kasabubu | Profile

    Looks like “Johannes Bargeld” to me.

  2. Margot | Profile

    I’m going to guess Johnny Cash.

  3. Mashplum | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Johnny Cash

  4. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Couldn’t resist this one:
    John Doe (Dough) :D

  5. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Johnny Cash

  6. Ari | Profile

    Hmm.. Johnny cash?

  7. relate | Profile

    Johnny Cash

  8. cheddarmelt | Profile

    Johnny Cash

  9. ubthecat | Profile

    Johnny Cash

  10. RK | Founder | Profile

    very good, Johhny Cash!

    or, if he’s singing the blues, Johnny Doe (Hex!)

  11. Oneiric | Profile

    I would’ve guessed Johnny Cash too but couldn’t figure out where the Johnny could come from. I’m not English so maybe it’s an expression related to the toilet…

    Could you explain please?

  12. RK | Founder | Profile

    Hi Oneiric, ‘john’ is an expression for the toilet, although I’m not sure where it came from….

  13. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    The flushing toilet was invented by Sir John Harrington, and hence the nick :D

    Other common names are crapper and loo.

  14. Oneiric | Profile

    Well I’ll go to bed smarter. Thanks to you, RK and hex.

  15. hoopstergirl3 | Profile

    Johnny Cash!

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