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More Word Beheading

Saint Denis of Paris

Hi everyone. I’m doing a guest post with a new word-beheading riddle I wrote. Unlike the last one there is no clue for the starting word.

Who am I?

Behead me and I will tell the story.

Behead some more, I’m in my glory.

Behead again and now I’m dead.

Behead once more and I’m well fed.

Behead me, now I’m in my element.

Behead, at last I remain constant.

Who am I?

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8 Comments to “More Word Beheading”

  1. amboutwe | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    A wild guess…

    relation (story)
    elation (glory)
    lation (dead)
    ation (fed)
    ion (element)
    on (constant)

    I think I’m close but maybe not. LOL

  2. Shofnite | Profile

    I believe it is – Prelate

    Prelate (A senior clergyman and dignitary)
    Relate (To narrate or tell)
    Elate (To make proud or joyful)
    Late (Dead)
    Ate (Past tense of “eat”;)
    Te (Tellurium – An element)
    E (Mathematical Constant)

  3. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    PRELATE – priest, shown headless above – I guess you did give a clue after all, mashplum you trickster!

    RELATE – tell the story
    ELATE – in my glory
    LATE – dead
    ATE – well fed
    TE – tellurium
    E – 2.71828…

  4. relate | Profile

    te (tellurium)

  5. relate | Profile

    oops, forgot one:

  6. Skyhawk | Profile


  7. Mashplum | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    “Prelate” is the answer. Good job all. Yes, the picture was a clue, though one designed to confirm your answer rather than lead you to it.

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