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No Pen, No paper?


This one isn’t hard at all; the trick is to see how fast you can ‘grasp’ the problem and answer it without putting your pen down to paper!

In a certain town, four per cent of the inhabitants are one-legged and half of the others go barefoot. How many shoes are necessary?

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  1. jmart | Profile

    .52 times the number of people in the town

  2. kasabubu | Profile

    1 per inhabitant

  3. aaronlau | Profile

    Same number as the number of inhabitants.

    one-legged is 1.
    half will times 2 back due to 2 feet.
    So, back to square one.

  4. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile


  5. Roel | Profile

    Image there are 100 people.

    * Then 4 are with one leg and they need 1 shoe each. -> 4 shoes

    * Of the other 96, 48 go barefoot and don’t need shoes. The other 48 need 2 shoes. -> 48*2 = 96 shoes

    So 100 shoes necessary for 100 people. So 1 shoe per person.

  6. smarty | Profile

    The number of shoes needed is the same as the number of people living in the town.

  7. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Do the one-legged inhabitants wear shoes? Assume yes.

    By “How many shoes are necessary,” do you mean necessary for each person in town to be wearing their usual footwear simultaneously? Assume yes.

    #shoes = #inhabitants

    Any even-numbered percentage would work for this problem.

  8. michaelc | Profile

    One leg needs half a pair, and half the others were 2 and half were none, so that means just about half!

    Or at least that’s what the average folks would say that were around the 50th percentile. :)

  9. NitzOO | Profile

    The number of shoes is equal to the number of inhabitants.

  10. Falwan | Profile

    It depends on how many inhabitants there are in the town…

  11. Falwan | Profile

    To tell you the truth, I googled the puzzle.

  12. Mashplum | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    As many as there are people.

  13. Oneiric | Profile

    Well without any pen or paper I’d say if we don’t have the population of the village we can’t guess how much shoes would be necessary given the case they all walk at the same time (4% of the village 1 legged, 48% 2 legged and using shoes and the other 48% walking barefoot).

    However, even given the case we know how much villagers are in there, we must stay alert to a detail: Which leg do the 1 legged citizens have left? Should we only count the number of shoes necessary without any regards to the side they should fit in (As opposed to the fact that you have to buy the pair to get one)? Should we consider you have to buy a pair to get one?

    What about another fact: Will these people ever walk all together and need their shoes or can we consider they will share some shoes (given they can wear the same size)?

    I think I’m overthinking it but it’s fun to see how it can get complicated if we overdo it.

    No, I don’t have any clear answer, except (4% of the population * 1 + 48% * 2) shoes.

  14. Obiwan | Profile

    One shoe for each person in the town.

  15. seelesscacti | Profile

    As many shoes as people… I did think about percentages for about a minute before realizing everything evened out.

  16. marpocky | Profile

    The average number of shoes per person is 1, so you need half as many shoes as people.

  17. Kllr Wolf | Profile

    The number of the shoes needed is equal to the number of the inhabitants.

  18. sweetangelanna | Profile

    the number of shoes required is equivalent to the number of inhabitants.

  19. thesmarticlekid | Profile

    this one is soooo simple, think shoes ARENT a nessecity, you are able to walk around barefoot you know. The only thing the one legged people need is a crutch or a wheelchair!!!

  20. Aarongamer | Profile

    First we let the number of inhabitants = 500
    then we times .4 times that. 4% of 500 is 200.
    split that bad boy in half.
    We know 1 foot each = 1 shoe each.
    and the others are barefoot.

    100 were 1 shoes
    100 were no shoes.

    only 50 shoes would be necessary.

  21. cobres zeragian | Profile

    0.04? im not sure

  22. Tsopi | Profile

    4% leaves us another 96% and the half of them don’t wear shoes?So the 96/2 = 48% of people there wear 2 shoes.So we can consider (Becouse one leged people wear 1 shoe ) that this 4% is an actual of 2% how wear foot and 2% who don’t we have 50% people wearing shoes and the other half not wearing we don’t get any numbers we can just make this simple algorythm: Set A as ShoeNumber and Set B as PeopleNumber

    A = (B/2)*2 witch actually give us A = B.
    Answer to : How many shoes are necessary?
    – The same number as the inhabitats

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