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Scene Accordeon


Instead of the usual photos, we have another great piece of illustrative art for today’s jigsaw! Scene Accordeon was created by Sergey “Ray_Noa” Kostik, a 24 year old freelancer born near Tula City in Yasnogorsk,  Russia.  Sergey is interested in game development, pixel art,  illustrations, and Demoscene, which also happens to be one of his favorite hobbies.

Sergey’s favorite style in digital art is sci-fi, but he also does interesting pieces like Scene Accordeon. His second favorite style is pixelart, which he successfully uses both in game development and illustrations.  You can see some of the game work he’s done here.  Currently, he is doing pixelart  illustrations for magazines, and is open to commissions. You can see more of Sergey’s artworks on his website at

Click here to play today’s cool jigsaw!

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