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Cutting the cake brain puzzle

From, we have the following puzzle to feed your brain:

You must cut a birthday cake into exactly eight pieces, but you’re only allowed to make three straight cuts, and you can’t move pieces of the cake as you cut. How can you do it?

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  1. nimrod | Guest

    you cut it into four slices first, right? then you make a cut across the entire cake holding the knife horizontally….in other words, make a top slice and a bottom slice, thus turning the previous four slices into eight…imagine holding the cake sideways…and cutting down the side.

  2. nimrod | Guest

    it would probably be better to make that horizontal cut first…sorry…

  3. Megan W | Guest

    Cut in the normal manner from edge to edge through the centre: 2 pieces. Cut again normally, through the centre: 4 pieces. Cut through the cake horizontally, like a fillet: 8 pieces.

  4. Ryan S | Guest

    All that you need is a cake shaped in such a way that the first cut makes at least three pieces.

  5. Yan | Guest

    Ahahaha…this quiz really brings me back to my old days during elementary XD My teacher who loves solving puzzles suddenly gave us this as denote it as a mathematical problem in our books.

    At first we thought its absurb but knowing if we don’t solve that puzzle we wouldn’t go back. My friends and me started arguing and finally like lightning struck into our minds, came the answer XD

  6. Dano12 | Profile

    Logic dictates this cake is frosted, since it’s a birthday cake, and the challenge is to cut it into equal pieces.
    “Equal”, although a relative term, would indicate each piece is equal in every way.
    The cutting methods described do not give equally frosted piece, so the puzzle is in error, or someone made an unfrosted cake and is claiming it to be a birthday cake.
    Flawed puzzle.

  7. yeah | Profile

    make one crooked cut down to make two pieces, then make three straight cuts across to make eight total. :)

  8. Roza | Profile

    slice it down the middle verticly and horizontly then around in a circle

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