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Riddle: Rumor-mongers pass me around…


Hot on the heels of Bilbao’s story puzzle, I have several more challenges to try to stump you with! The week is still young! ;)

You surely need me to make a point sound

I could save time or ease your workday

Rumor-mongers in the market pass me around

When you are satisfied you give me away.

What am I?

Thanks to I-TFTD for submitting this. Also- I’m looking for someone who can come up with about 10 really good, hard analogies for an upcoming quiz. Shoot me an email at if you’re interested.

Can you figure the riddle out? If so, feel free to enter your answer in the comment section below!

12 Comments to “Riddle: Rumor-mongers pass me around…”

  1. Denita TwoDragons | Profile

    A tip! A point has to have a tip or else it would be blunt, a handy tip can save you a lot of trouble, Wall Street stock tips are as ubiquitous as air, and you leave a tip for satisfactory service.

  2. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    This one was posted on the site last year. Are we already in need of reruns?!

  3. the_god_dellusion | Profile

    an email?

  4. Mashplum | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile


    Haven’t we seen this one?

  5. abcbcdcdef | Profile

    surely anyone here long enough still remember this:

  6. Falwan | Profile

    any “Tip” ?!

  7. Reka | Profile

    It’s a tip, of course! :-)

  8. aaronlau | Profile


  9. RK | Founder | Profile

    Wish I could say I was just testing you guys, but totally forgot this went up last year!!

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