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Puzzle: How many triangles can you create?

I remember showing this puzzle around in high school. Gave it to some of the best math students, but they couldn’t figure it out though. The only one to get it right was this guy interested in becoming an architect who also happened to be one of those arrogant debater types. (Just finished googling him; turns out he went on to become a lawyer : )

Draw 3 lines through the W below. What’s the maximum number of non-overlapping triangles you can create?

triangle puzzle


10 Comments to “Puzzle: How many triangles can you create?”

  1. Josh | Guest

    I cannot make any more than the seven I got the first time, but I’m sure there are more.

  2. andrew | Guest

    I got nine?

  3. david | Guest

    i count as much as 15…possibly more.. ive been looking at these lines for too long. :P

    line 1 horizontally connecting the uppermost points of the W

    line 2 connecting bottom-left and upper-right points of the W

    line 3 connecting upper-left and bottom-right points of the W

  4. david | Guest

    doug… the description of your lines is confusing lol .. are we using the same lines?

    and yeah…18 sounds right.. im sure i missed a few, and/or forgot to count some..

  5. Josh | Guest

    How are you getting 18? I still cannot get more than seven with your description. This W is bugging me.

  6. RK | Profile

    I believe this represents the solution to the w puzzle:

  7. Josh | Guest

    So it is 9 then?

  8. andrew | Guest

    9 I think, as far as counting the overlapping bigger triangles, that just makes it more confusing than difficult

  9. RK | Profile

    Andrew is right, I should’ve stated only non overlapping triangles as otherwise the problem does become more confusing than difficult.

    there are 9 non overlapping triangles

  10. Danielle | Guest

    yep all I can get is nine..

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