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A lateral thinking Puzzle that needs Creativty

Recently came across Lloyd King, a puzzle maker who’s brain teasers encourage the development of lateral thinking skills and creativity.

Here’s a sample:

What comes next in this match sequence?
(feel free to take a shot at the answer in the comments section below)
lateral thinking puzzle to inspire creativity by lloyd king

Recently purchased his puzzle collection book Amazing ‘Aha’ Puzzles, which I’m very much enjoying and highly recommend if you’re looking for more brain teasers that spur creativity and “outside of the box” thinking. You can visit his website here.

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5 Comments to “A lateral thinking Puzzle that needs Creativty”

  1. Thomas McMahon | Profile

    Wouldn’t it be the same as the last image only flipped horizontal?

  2. Dan | Guest

    I would guess that it would be a mirror image of the last stick in the picture.

  3. andyman | Guest

    It would be the same image (copy).

  4. Manan | Guest

    I’m guessing that it would be a copy of the first one. If you look closely, the orange lines around the borders of the matchstick form letters. The first is a capital H, then U, then lowercase N, then C.

    the first one repeated would make the completed word (appropriately), HuncH.

  5. Manan | Guest

    Wow, I was right.

    And I didn’t look at the answer beforehand on the book’s website, I promise.

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