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Race running riddle

If you were running a race, and you passed the person in 2nd place, what place would you be in now?


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  1. Thomas McMahon | Profile

    1st? Ok, that seemed to easy.

  2. Karl | Guest

    It’s weird how I quickly thought “first”
    An amazing simple and somehow difficult riddle.
    Thankfully I corrected myself. :)

  3. Brianna | Guest

    If you passed the person in second place, you would then be in second place. You didn’t pass the first place person, your just took over second place

  4. JOHN | Guest

    2nd….of course

  5. Giles | Guest

    I agree with Brianna. How could you then be in 1st place by passing the person in 2nd place?

  6. Emily | Guest

    2nd place correct? For if you pass the second person, they must go back one and you’d take second not first correct?

  7. Dan | Guest

    lmao @ Tom.

  8. Chris | Guest

    Depends on the context. I would be wherever I was if I’m RUNNING a race (in charge of the race) and in 2nd place if I’m running IN a race (a participant).

  9. Matt | Guest

    It depends how you fare in the race relative to the person in second. If you are on basically equal terms (laps) and you pass second, you are now in second. Otherwise, the person in second may have lapped you and passing second would not increase your position.

  10. PuppetSoul | Guest

    First Place. The person you passed received 2nd place; since the title of place is awarded in order of crossing the finish line, it means the race has ended, and that you have to be first.

  11. max | Guest

    ^^^^ hahahaha WRONG. you never passed the first place person. its not a complicated question. you would be in 2nd place.

  12. PuppetSoul | Profile

    You’re right, it’s not a complicated question. There are only two things that need to be considered when deciding on the answer:

    First, the “were” is past tense which means the race is over.

    Second, Place is the title bestowed upon the contestants as they cross the finish line, until that time they are Position.

    So as we know that both the race has ended, and that I have finished ahead of the person who finished in Second Place, the only possible conclusion is that I have finished in First Place.

  13. fanfan | Profile

    in 2nd place

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