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Really smart, or psychic?

African Grey Parrot

African Grey parrots have a reputation for being exceptional talkers and mimickers. For about a week, my mother-in-law’s Grey precisely mimicked her call for dinner-“Luuuu-peeee-tow” (including the knock-knock-knock on the bowl) to round up Lupito, their little Chihuahua, for food.

Lupito would come running into the kitchen, but of course no dinner bowl was present. Instead, there was the Grey exactly imitating the mocking laugh of my wife’s older brother: “Ha Ha  Ha Ha Ha!”.

Amazingly, many African Greys can acquire a vocabulary of over 700 words. And this one bird just may be psychic:

The N’kisi project homepage,

and some video of the telepathic bird in action.

Some research the on capabilities of Alex, one of the most famous African Greys.

And of course, Smartkit’s African Grey Jigsaw :)

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