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Comes from the end of a dog

dog detective

My 1st is an abbreviated term, French, for addressing a man;

My 2nd comes from one end of a dog, runs up a tree, and floats on the sea;

My whole is required of persons in time of war, before they leave for a foreign land.

Hmmm…Let’s see…Can you figure ‘the whole’ out? Answers to the riddle may be entered into the comment section below

12 Comments to “Comes from the end of a dog”

  1. Scott | Profile

    I am thinking…


    But I could be wrong.


  2. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile


    1st = M.
    2nd = triple meaning

  3. Shofnite | Profile

    Ist Part – M ( Abbr. for Monseur – French for “Mister”;)

    IInd Part – Bark (Comes from one end of a dog, his mouth :D )

    so, let’s see, joining them up – mbark or “EMBARK” which means to go on board

    So i would go with, “embark”

  4. alderney girl | Profile


  5. Mashplum | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    “embark” (my first guess was “monsieurantigravitypee”;)

  6. jmart574 | Profile

    1- M. (monsieur)
    2- Bark

    Whole- Embark

  7. Anastasia11 | Profile


  8. Margot | Profile

    I believe the whole is “Embark”. The first ’em’ or ‘M.’ is the French version of ‘Mr.’ The second is ‘bark’.

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