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Site Updates August 2009

face lift

Smartkit Facelift only possible with the help of my good-natured friend at Trozo Studios, who took some time last week to help us out. If you want to see what massive design talent looks like, check out the studio’s portfolio here.

Couple new things:

  • recent comments by other members now displayed in the right column
  • every time you reload the homepage, 9 new random games fill the little boxes up top
  • you can get smartkit’s puzzles automatically delivered to your email by subscribing in the box found in the right column. Hopefully someday soon, Feedburner will enable you to choose how often you want them delivered (daily, weekly, monthly, etc..).Currently there is only 1 option, and that is daily.
  • if you notice any bugs, please let me know Thanks!
  • don’t forget we have a new jigsaw and a new magic trick challenge posted below,. Also in the coming weeks, some new math & logic puzzles by MichaelC and Bilbao, and possibly a new flash puzzle by SimpleAndy
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