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Chef in the Kitchen


Was looking through some old files, and found a bunch of these picture  puzzles made for Smartkit back in 2007. For this one, there are 10 differences to spot- can you find them all?

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  1. makada | Profile

    Here are the Eleven differences that I could spot in the 2nd (lower) picture:
    1) Missing light in the ceiling
    2) Missing Fire Extinguisher Sign
    3) Missing can of oil on the right cupboard in the second from top shelf
    4) Missing sentence on the wall
    5) Missing buttons on the second (behind) chef
    6) Missing watch on the first (fore) chef
    7) Extra plastic small containers (2 in number) on the kitchen table next to the cutting board
    8) Missing handle of a spoon or ladle in the vessel
    9) The red box/container in the top picture is green in the bottom picture
    10) The color of the oil container [on the right cupboard, 2nd shelf from top, leftmost in position] is different in the two photos
    11) Missing shadow of some vessel on the left side of the photo

    I have uploaded the bottom photo with these differences numbered respectively and labeled

  2. makada | Profile

    In my first post the number 8 has been converted to a smiley !!!!

  3. ahsergio | Profile

    1. fire extinguisher picture
    2. the red thing near the lady becomes red
    3. small pot near the grill
    4. chef’s watch
    5. third line of the text
    6. the black butons on the right cook’s clothes
    7. one of the light spots at the celing
    8. the shadow on the left
    9. one of the pan’s holder (this was a literal translation,im not sure if its right, lol)
    10. one of the bootles on the right shelf

  4. ahsergio | Profile

    the red thing becomes green, not red again

  5. Denita TwoDragons | Profile

    Ooh, they got all mean and put them on top of each other so people can’t cross their eyes to cheat…

    OK, here goes:

    1.) Fire extinguisher logo missing
    2.) Shelves in background — 2nd from top is missing a jug
    3.) Track lighting missing a light
    4.) Assistant chef missing his black buttons
    5.) Third line of print missing on plaque in background
    6.) Red ketchup dispenser in back corner (badly photoshopped) green
    7.) Pot at left side of screen missing its shadow
    8.) Pot at back of counter missing a spoon
    9.) Ramekin missing from counter
    10.) Head chef is missing his watch

    Whee! I haven’t played one of these in a long time. Bring ’em on! :-)

  6. Denita TwoDragons | Profile

    To RK:

    By the way, if you haven’t featured these before, I highly recommend them. I
    d have emailed them to you, but I couldn’t find a link to your email.

  7. RK | Founder | Profile

    Makada has a very nice picture upload which you can check out, otherwise the list answers above are very good.

    Denita TwoDRagons- Those 5/6 Differences games are really nice. We’ve put 6 up before, but not 5. Will try to get it. You may also enjoy Little Red Riding Hood, just posted :)

  8. Denita TwoDragons | Profile

    I just saw that! I would have played it earlier, but I was away on vacation for a few days. Now I’m playing a massive game of catch-up! Nothing like having almost 300 RSS feeds to sort through…oof…

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