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Swimming Pig


Can pigs really swim? Not entirely sure,  but if you look carefully, you’ll see another creature that is more in its element…

22 Comments to “Swimming Pig”

  1. sgrin | Profile

    is it a shark up side down ?

  2. rachel | Profile

    upside down it looks like a shark

  3. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    A dolphin or fish at the bottom center~right?

  4. NitzOO | Profile

    A shark on its back.

  5. Denita TwoDragons | Profile

    *Cue Jaws music…*

    Fins aren’t in the right place, though. :-)

  6. Denita TwoDragons | Profile

    Oh–and yes, pigs can swim. No, they won’t cut their throats with their hooves (where the heck did that come from, anyways?!) and they’re actually pretty good at it. They don’t even need a life jacket or swim fins! ;-)

  7. smarty | Profile

    I see a small dolphin(or a fish I’m not sure of it) alone under the pig a little bit to the right.

  8. jason | Profile

    looks like an upside down shark…

  9. joe | Profile

    If you look at it upside down it is a SHARK!

  10. makada | Profile

    Turn the photo upside down…

    You will then see a shark !
    ( I wonder if the pig knows that there is a shark in the water ? )

  11. fuzzy | Profile

    An upside-down fish… possibly shark.

  12. Satya | Profile

    must be whale as the fins of a whale will suit this upside down. It can’t be shark as the fins of a shark are outward unlike downward like a whale

  13. maximmaxim | Profile

    ??? ????? ????? ??????

  14. horsegirl | Profile

    Oh! Now Isee that it looks like a shark swimming upside-down when you look upside down! Oh!

  15. rcscutt | Profile

    It’s either a whale or shark swimming upside down.

  16. rcscutt | Profile

    I guess it’s a shark because of the pointed nose. A whale’s head isn’t that pointed.

  17. edward253 | Profile

    A shark swimming up side down.

  18. gwensohana3 | Profile

    It looks as if it is a dead shark

  19. gogirl123 | Profile

    a shark upside down

  20. soumen023 | Profile

    A Dolphin flipping on its back i guess

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