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Quel est le nom?


Bilbao has just let me know he’s returned from vacation, and so before the week is over, will  have another hard math puzzle to put up!

Today, however, comes a neat challenge pulled from a very old pile of French puzzle cards-the same dreaded stash that produced 100 million Gherkins (from which only Grandmaster Shawn could show the way out!)

For this one, the task is a bit more to the point: What is the name of the little boy? And,

What is the name of the little girl??

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25 Comments to “Quel est le nom?”

  1. brianu | Profile

    Rose and Lucien (or something like that)

  2. Skyhawk | Profile

    Lucien and Rose

  3. bilbao | Profile

    rose and lucien

  4. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Lucien and Rose

  5. ghisa | Profile


  6. the_god_dellusion | Profile

    rose & lucien

  7. Denita TwoDragons | Profile

    His name is “Lucien”, hers is “Rose”…fold the card corners together diagonally a la “Mad Fold-In” and the names show up.

    Though with sour faces like that, their names should be “Stand In The Corner” and “You’re Grounded!” ;-)

  8. zedbot69 | Profile

    The names of the boy & girl are Lucien & Rose respectively

  9. jason | Profile

    lucien and rose

  10. Anastasia11 | Profile

    Lucien and Rose

  11. fuzzy | Profile

    Am I missing something? This looks awfully easy.
    Boy: Lucien
    Girl: Rose

  12. Oneiric | Profile

    Haha, this one is quite easy and plus, French is my first language.

    Lucien and Rose. Which are, to be honest, old people’s names (Except for Rose that is making a comeback recently. ;))

    Maintenant, il faudrait demander à trouver leur âge respectif!

  13. gonzo | Profile

    Rose and Lucien. I cheated by printing the picture.

  14. Ari | Profile

    Lucien and Rose i assume.

  15. markodiablo | Profile

    The little boy’s name is Lucien.
    The little girl’s name is Rose.

  16. Mashplum | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Lucien et Rose.

  17. rachel | Profile

    i think the boys name is Lucien and the girls name is Rosie

  18. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile


  19. makada | Profile

    Boy – Lucien
    Girl – Rose

  20. JosephBach | Profile

    the boy’s name is Lucien.
    the girl’s name is Rose.

  21. NN | Profile

    Hi the names are Lucien and Rose if anyone is interested in how I got to this have a look here

  22. ruddwd | Profile

    Lucien and Rose

  23. JustPlainDan | Profile

    Rose and Lucien

  24. RK | Founder | Profile

    NN posts a nice link to how the solution is obtained;

    @Denita two Dragons-haha those are some braty expressions they have on their face!

  25. makada | Profile

    Considering that these are french cards….so can I take a wild guess that Lucien refers to Lucien Bonaparte (Napolean’s brother) and Rose refers to Josephine (Napolean’s wife)

    What are they two doing on a card together…? Does Napolean know about this card?

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