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Stereograms: Overide Normal Brain and Eye Function

Can you find the hidden image in this stereogram?

Stereogram by Gary Priester
Copyright (c) Gary W. Priester-Image used by permission of the artist.

Here are Gary’s recommendations for detecting the hidden image:

The best advice for viewing Stereograms is RELAX. This is not a contest! Try to look beyond the Stereogram and focus your eyes at a distance behind the image. For example, if you are viewing these images on the screen, pretend you are focusing on something on the wall behind your monitor. Gradually, your eyes will focus on the image and your brain will pull it together.

Gary can also create a custom stereogram for you or your company; check out his website

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10 Comments to “Stereograms: Overide Normal Brain and Eye Function”

  1. yea | Guest

    i know how to get the picture… they always had it on little kid tv dinners when i was younger… you put your face to it cross your eyes and slowly move back or maybe you dont have to cross your eyes then kinda focus on the whole thing it should kinda pop out i just cant determine what it is

  2. Danielle | Guest

    They’re birds but I don’t know what kind, ostriches maybe?

  3. jeff raymond | Guest


  4. shaina | Guest

    theyre pretty swans..with like..a moon in the corner first i thought they were tadpoles!

  5. Kyle | Guest

    Pelicans. How in the world can the eye or brain see two 2 different images in one? There’s a pattern and “behind” that, a picture. Is there someone that saw the pelicans first, and then the pattern?

  6. mr anomomous | Guest

    a sun in the top left and just righ of that two flamingoes rubbing their heads together and right of them a flamingoe with its head near the ground

  7. Maria | Guest

    Actually, I think you’re all wrong. the flamingos was close, but I think it actually looks like two herons close together, a sun in the top left corner, and bushes in the background.

  8. lindy | Guest

    they’re cranes, dangitt !!

  9. Claudia | Profile

    They look like ostriches to me given the size of their bodies… I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!! Pretty cool isn’t it?!

  10. gwpriester | Profile

    Yep, Two Cranes is the name of the image and it is one of my favorites.

    And yes the is a sun in the background. Plus there are two rows of floating stereograms in the foreground.

    You can see a larger version of the image here http://www.custom-stereograms......ery_8.html

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