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Addition Puzzle without numbers

Remember coming across this in high school-

Each letter represents a number; can you solve the problem?

word addition puzzle

answer to be posted in the comments section in 1-2 days

5 Comments to “Addition Puzzle without numbers”

  1. RLP | Profile

    There are numerous solutions to this puzzle; here is one:

    G=4 H=6 I=5 N=3 O=7 R=2 T=8 W=1

  2. Peter | Guest

    Yes, there are many solutions. It’s possible they are all zero.

    Or.. G=0, T=0, N=0, H=0, O=0, R=2, I=4, W=1

  3. max | Guest

    peter you are wrong. the only numbers that can be in the problem more than once are the numbers that represent R and G. each different letter represents a different number. so both of the answers you said are incorrect.

  4. Jean Paul | Guest


  5. james | Guest

    that is what i got 49153 and 98306. how many different solutions are there for this problem?

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