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Placing a newspaper: brainteaser


How would you go about placing a newspaper in such a position that you and your friend can stand on it, and yet neither of you can touch each other?

No handcuffs or rope needed :)

16 Comments to “Placing a newspaper: brainteaser”

  1. TheMadEgyptian | Profile

    Under a door. As long as it’s not the Sunday NY Times.

  2. Blusummers13 | Profile

    Place it under a closed door so that half is on one side of the door and half is on the other side of the door.

  3. Obiwan | Profile

    I would slide the paper under a closed door, with me on one side and my friend on the other.

  4. amboutwe | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Lay paper flat in a door way on the floor so half is on one side and half is on the other side of the door. Each person stand on one side of the door. Shut the door. Stand on the paper.

  5. jmart574 | Profile

    Place it underneath a door and shut it, each person stand on the other side of the door.

  6. ikickass | Profile

    you slide it beneath a closed door and you each stand on it on a different side of the door.

  7. gpraghuram | Profile

    Tear the newspapaer into 2 and both can stand apart on the newspaper.

  8. Migrated | Profile

    Well, just slip it under a closed door and have one person standing on it on either side of the door.

  9. TonyTKL | Profile

    Open it?

    Or maybe slide it under the under the door then close the door and the newspaper will be under the gap. So each person stand on one side and you can’t touch each other.

  10. jason | Profile

    place it under a door unfolded, and have each one stand on opposite sides of the door.

  11. | Profile

    stand them diagonally on the newspaper facing towards each other

  12. Kasabubu2009 | Profile

    Just place the unfolded newspaper under a locked door, half the way in one room, the rest in another.

  13. scottk | Profile

    i’d either cut it in half, or tie it to all of our shoes, OR in a zero gravity field place it vertically, with each person laying horizontally in the air, on opposite sides of the paper.

  14. Cyberjar88 | Profile

    Place the newspaper underneath a door, then both you and your friend stand on either side of the door on the newspaper.

  15. michaelc | Profile

    Well, one way is in anti-gravity standing on the opposite sides.

    Probably the way that was visioned however, is with the newspaper under a door and one person standing on each side.

  16. Falwan | Profile

    by tearing the newspaper into a round long strip and standing on each end..

    that’ll make them a good 4 meters apart.

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