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BuckyBall Contest!


Ok, we haven’t done one of these in awhile, but have another neat contest!

This one is sponsored by ZoomDoggle, creator of BuckyBalls.  If you’ve never seen this cool brain toy, it’s  a LOT of fun, check out the video here:

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We have 3 BuckyBall sets to give away, so the 1st three people who can correctly solve the riddle below get one. Will keep a list below of those who get it right. Importantly, the contest is open only to folks who’ve been members of Smartkit for 1 month or longer.

Can you tell me what is unusual about this paragraph? [Thanks to Markodiablo for submitting]

I’m looking for something but what on earth could it be? It won’t be easy to find.  It’s like fishing with reels that don’t function. Making sense of our legacy won’t help either. But what if I ventured out and used my abilities. With my super eyes I x-ray the walls just like the flying man. And what do I find but a very wise vendor. Selling skis for winter and saying it’s nearly sleigh time. Who is this fun inept person who gives useless information? At least it’s great entertainment!

Updated list of solvers: (we’ve got our 1st 3 already!!! Winners: shoot me an email at , otherwise, will continue to keep a list of solvers as they come in)

Good luck!

10 Comments to “BuckyBall Contest!”

  1. bizarette18 | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Each sentence contains a number from one to ten in order.

  2. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Its like a retorical talking to himself( superman imitator jajaja) and also all the actions happen in the same time, there is a mess with the time verbs I think, because he is talking about a possibility (what if..) and he answer to himself in a present tense, that for me its weird, but I am not a native speaker so, Its just a theory, cool

  3. joe | Profile

    Well its a list of rhetorical questions, with some attempts at answering them. It seems that any of the answers he gives will match and are apt for any of the questions.

  4. TheMadEgyptian | Profile

    Numbered sentences:
    *on e*arth
    I*t wo*n’t
    wi*th ree*ls
    o*f our*
    i*f I ve*ntured
    eye*s I x*ray
    wi*se ven*dor
    sl*eigh t*ime
    fu*n ine*pt
    grea*t en*tertainment!

  5. Sue | Profile

    At first glance, I’d say the sentence structure and spelling are unusual. However, if the paragraph is God referring to humans, then he can talk however he wants to.

  6. Cyberjar88 | Profile

    Do you mean beside the fact that there aren’t any commas in it?

  7. Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    There are ten sentences. In these sentences the words “one”, “two”, “three”, and so on are embedded in the sentences. For example, the sixth sentence is “With my super eye(s I x)-ray the walls …”, containing the word “six”.

  8. jason | Profile

    aside from finding each sentence’s number inside the sentence itself, I couldnt find anything else relevant….

  9. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Very good! Each of the ten sentences has hidden inside, in order, the corresponding number word, from one to ten.
    (on e)arth
    I(t wo)n’t
    wi(th ree)ls
    o(f our)
    i(f I ve)ntured
    eye(s I x)-ray
    wi(se ven)dor
    sl(eigh t)ime
    fu(n ine)pt
    grea(t en)tertainment

  10. markodiablo | Profile

    Well done solvers, I’m very impressed.

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